Biltong Bites 250g

Biltong Bites 250g

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Hmm, an easy snack - homemade biltong bites! 

Ingredients: 100% beef, salt, pepper, a combination of spices & flavourings.

Storage: We recommend storing it in your freezer.

Allergens: made in a facility that uses nuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
ron de zinger
De lekkerste biltong die mij doet terugdenken aan mij vakanties Zuid-Afrika

Bij het nemen van de eerste bijt in deze biltong kwamen alle mooie herinneringen van Zuid-Afrika weer terug terwijl ik daar in alle rust en stilte zat te smullen in de Wildtuinen onder het genot van Castle

Dani R
Good stuff

I love the biltong bites even more than normal biltong. Are my jaw muscles sore after eating half a kilo of biltong bites in three days? Maybe yes. But greatness comes with a price.

Patrick Hull

Love the biltong and droewors from KuierKos. And great that it now gets delivered

Sandra Wika
lekker bijten in de biltong bites

De smaak was weer lekker en beetje peperachtig. Veel te snel op.

Katherine Voorvelt
Biltong bites hard

The bites had good flavour both the chilli and plain. But they were very dry which is OK but it made them hard and difficult to eat without using a knife. I think the huge amount of biltong needed to watch the Rugby World Cup is the cause of this😉