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My dear friend Vicky McLachlan came for coffee at KuierKos. It is always a delightful experience to be in the company of such a talented individual. I've been fortunate to have the pleasure of knowing Vicky for a few years now.

A fellow South African; photographer and entrepreneur, now based in the Amsterdam and Haarlem area, Vicky specializes in a wide array of photography genres, including maternity, newborn, couples, weddings, and portraits. However, what truly distinguishes her is her exceptional knack for capturing the very essence of life in its most picturesque moments.

Vicky's passion for photography and her remarkable talents have consistently left me in awe. Her photography skills shone brilliantly when she captured breathtaking branding images for us at Kuierkos. Vicky even managed to make me look my best in those shots.


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Vicky's portfolio is a testament to her artistic vision and her ability to seize fleeting moments of love, joy, and connection. Her maternity shoots are breathtaking, filled with the anticipation and excitement of expectant parents as they await the arrival of their little one. Newborn sessions, on the other hand, reveal the tender bond between parents and their precious bundles of joy, creating timeless keepsakes that families will cherish forever.

If you're in the Amsterdam or Haarlem area and in search of a photographer who can turn your moments into art, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Vicky. Her passion, talent, and ability to tell your story through her lens will leave you with treasured memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

See more of Vicky's work here.

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