The fall edition of “Kuier met Marnella”

The fall edition of “Kuier met Marnella” was nothing short of amazing, capturing the beauty of the season in a kaleidoscope of colours. Mother Nature herself seemed to be a participant in this delightful afternoon. With the beautiful leaves falling, we couldn't help but admire the beauty.

The real magic, however, was in the laughter-filled atmosphere and the constant hum of conversations. Not a single moment of silence—a testament to a lekker kuier.

The setting for this lovely lunch was at Beeckenstijn Brasserie, a beautiful and cosy venue that truly brought out the charm of the event. We had a feast, with the Chef's special. Beautiful dishes that we truly enjoyed.

A heartfelt thank you to our generous sponsors who contributed to the goodie bags. I would like to thank Liezel Glaubitz for her help in organizing this event with me and a special thank you to Leandrie du Plessis for a beautiful pictures, capturing all the lovely little details as well as all the happy smiles of all the beautiful South African ladies!


What made this particular “Kuier met Marnella” truly extraordinary for me was the presence of two incredible women — my mom Mara-Anne and daughter, Anne. Three generations of women coming together. It was a blessing beyond measure and a reminder of the precious bonds that weave through our lives.

We are looking forward to the next “Kuier with Marnella”


Liezel Glaubitz (Match Set Love & VA-Wonder





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