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last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Isabella Niehaus. The renowned cookbook author, food lover, and former fashion editor of several best-selling South African magazines. During her visit to KuierKos (our South African Food & Wine Shop here in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands), we celebrated her prestigious Gourmand award for the Best Vegan cookbook in the world, which she co-authored with Louis Jansen van Vuuren. Bella and Louis will soon be here in Bloemendaal to launch their incredible cookbook, There’s a Vegan on my Verandah, just in time for the summer holidays. (Join our email list or keep an eye on our KuierKos Events on the website for more info).

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Our conversation was filled with discussions about food, as you can imagine. Isabella revealed her cooking essentials with us; fresh thyme, cinnamon sticks, tomatoes, mussels, and coarse Khoisan salt from the Weskus and how you can use a good 10-year-old brandy, cream and apricot jam to make any dish special #greattip. She also captured our imagination with stories about her ‘Langtafel‘ Sunday lunches, which she hosted at her house, ‘Duinhuis’, in the picturesque Weskus and blessed me with her two stunning cookbooks — Duinhuis and There’s a Vegan on my Verandah — of which will soon have a few signed copies available here at KuierKos, a true treasure to any food lover's library.

With Duinhuis, I was transported to Isabella's Weskus Oasis. The book not only shared stories of Isabella's food journey but also revealed the secrets behind her most beloved dishes. Next Sunday I will have a date with There’s a Vegan on my Verandah, I can’t wait!

Thank you Bella for your visit! We truly appreciate it.



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