Windpompmuseum (Windpump Museum), Loeriesfontein

Windpompmuseum (Windpump Museum), Loeriesfontein


Windpompmuseum (Windpump Museum), Loeriesfontein


Every country has is its own quirks and charms which may well be ubiquitous in the minds of locals, and South Africa is no exception. Only after moving abroad did I realise how much of the everyday scenery I may have taken for granted, things that are actually rather special. 

One such everyday icon is the windpump. Yes, you read right. Pump. This is not a wind mill. It mills nothing. It pumps water. These pumps come in a surprising variety of shapes and sizes as can be seen in this photo taken at the Loeriesfontein Windpump Museum.


The museum is the first, and one of only two windpump museums in the world, or so the story goes. The second was apparently established by an American gentleman who visited Loeriesfontein and was so impressed that he decided the world needs a second such museum in the United States. Normally, the South African windpump presents itself as a solitary silhouette on many vast open planes or farms. It was quite peculiar to see them all herd together like this. Perhaps Loeriesfontein is where windpumps congregate once a decade or two to mate. Who knows? 


This image was taken in September 2009. I suspect it may not have changed at all to this very day. 


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