Aloe Ferrox

Aloe Ferrox


Aloe Ferrox


Beauty can be found anywhere you look, even in the most unlikely of places. Capturing this beauty has as much to do with light and the subject itself, as it has to do with composition, which can be a deceptively difficult thing to get a handle on. The way I go about it, is to keep the enjoyment of exploring playful, making a game out of it in my mind. 


The way the late afternoon sun falls on the fleshy leaves of succulents and illuminates them seemingly from inside is delightfully exquisite. The humble aloe is a hardy plant that grows well pretty much anywhere in South Africa from semi-arid desert regions to damp dark cliffs next to waterfalls. A few species have even become naturalised in other regions of the world. What makes these plants even more fascinating is that that Aloe Ferrox and Aloe Vera are widely used for their various medicinal and health related properties.


Whenever I see an image of an aloe, it reminds me of home and of how beautiful, diverse, hardy and resilient South Africans can be as well. 


Artwork details:  

- Printed with archival ink on fine art matt photographic paper.

- Available in various sizes (see dropdown menu for options). For custom requests, please contact us via email. 

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