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We are a proudly South African family, living in The Netherlands for over 14 years! 

Our dream is to bring you the South African experience through taste and hospitality.

My food journey started at my Ouma’s kitchen table in Limpopo, South Africa. She not only made the most delicious traditional dishes, but there was always extra for family or friends who might turn up. My family’s truly South African hospitality would later become the foundation of my business in the Netherlands — KuierKos.

Andreas and I came to the Netherlands in 2007. Life in a new country is tough, and making it one’s home takes time and effort. After almost twelve years and two lovely children, Anne and Paul, we still love it!

In 2014, friends of ours returned to South Africa and sold us their biltong business. My father-in-law always says: “Luck favours those who are ready” and KuierKos was born, expanding in ways we could not have dreamed about at that time.

KuierKos brings a warm and welcoming experience that allows South African expats and locals to enjoy original, good quality South African food. In this case, the proof is in the tasting, so go right ahead and contact us.

Join us at KuierKos for a lekker 'Kuier'. 

Everybody is welcome!

From our KuierKos famliy to yours! 


Marnella Erasmus